Top 10 Cash Advance Loans for 2021

According to CNBC, over 40% of adults would have a hard time covering a $400 emergency. And if you own a home, drive a car, or have a family, a $400 emergency will happen at some point.

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Of course, the best way to prepare for this type of situation is by saving an emergency fund. But if your emergency fund is depleted, you may need a cash advance.

What is the Best Company for Cash Advances?

A short-term cash advance is a smaller loan you take out, typically to cover emergencies. The loan amount is small, and you will typically pay it back within a couple of months.

However, you want to make sure you’re not taking out a predatory payday loan. Payday loans come with high interest rates and very unfavorable terms. To make sure you’re on the right track, listed below are ten companies you can consider for a short-term loan.

1. MoneyMutual

MoneyMutual is a marketplace that offers online cash advance loans up to $2,500. The online application is easy, and you can receive the funds within 24 hours of approval. It is available to borrowers everywhere, other than New York.

One of the nice things about MoneyMutual is that you can compare offers from multiple lenders on one platform. This makes it easier to find the best terms possible.

However, Money Mutual may be a reputable company, but that doesn’t mean all of the companies they do business with are ideal. You should make sure you understand the terms and conditions before agreeing to any short-term loans.

2. CashUSA

CashUSA offers cash advances between $500 and $10,000. The application process is quick, and you could find out within minutes whether or not you’re approved for a cash advance. The APR range is 5.99% to 35.99%, which is pretty standard for this type of loan.

The advantage of taking out a cash advance loan through is that you have immediate access to a variety of lenders. You can receive the money directly to your account, and all your payments will be made online. And is willing to work with borrowers that have bad credit.

3. Upstart

Upstart is another lending platform that offers fixed-rate loans between $1,000 and $50,000. The company is available everywhere, but Iowa and West Virginia.

You’ll need a minimum 620 credit score, a bank account, and a recurring source of income to apply. But unlike other lenders, there are no minimum income requirements. Once you’re approved for a cash advance, you could receive the funds within 24 hours.

However, you’ll have to watch out for the fees that Upstart charges. They charge an origination fee, a late fee, and a returned check fee. So if you aren’t careful, you could end up paying back a lot more than just the loan amount.

4. BadCreditLoans

BadCreditLoans is a lending marketplace that is willing to work with borrowers that have fair or poor credit scores. They offer cash advances up to $5,000, with an APR range between 5.99% and 35.99%.

There is no application fee, and you’re not required to accept any loan that you’re offered. This could be an ideal choice for anyone who needs to borrow money but is likely to be turned down by other lenders due to poor credit history.

5. offers online loans up to $35,000, and they can get the funds to you as soon as the next business day. The APR range is between 5.99% and 35.99%, with loan terms of up to 72 months.

You need to have a minimum credit score of at least 580 to qualify, and the application process is fairly straightforward. And works with a variety of lenders so you can compare offers and choose the lender that offers you the best terms.

6. Discover

Discover is best-known for credit cards, but they aren’t a bad option when it comes to taking out a personal loan. They provide fixed-rate loans with an APR range between 6.99% and 24.99%.

And best of all, the fees are limited when it comes to Discover. There are no origination fees, no prepayment fees, and no additional fees, as long as you make your payments on time.

The bank also offers flexible payment plans for up to 84 months. However, you will need good to excellent credit to qualify for a personal loan from Discover.

7. LendingPoint

LendingPoint is a peer-to-peer lender that offers installment loans between $2,000 and $25,000. They are willing to work with all borrowers, regardless of their credit history. So if you had no credit or bad credit, LendingPoint could be an option for you.

However, the company does charge an origination fee, and their APR range is higher than what other lenders offer. So if you have good credit, you’ll probably be able to find better terms elsewhere.

8. Prosper

Prosper offers installment loans between $2,000 and $40,000, with an APR range between 6.95% and 35.99%. Borrowers need to have a minimum credit score of 640 to apply.

When you apply for a loan with Prosper, they’ll do a soft pull on your credit so that it won’t damage your credit. And the approval and funding process is relatively quick. However, the company charges origination fees and late fees. Plus, their repayment terms are less flexible than what other lenders offer.

9. LendingClub

LendingClub’s personal loans are for borrowers with excellent credit, have a high annual income, and a low debt to income ratio. The company offers installment loans between $1,000 and $40,000, with an APR range between 6.95% and 35.89%.

However, you do need to watch out for the fees charged by LendingClub. There is an origination fee between 1% and 6%, depending on the borrower’s creditworthiness.

10. OneMain

OneMain Financial is a lender that specializes in offering secured and unsecured loans to individuals with bad or limited credit history. The loans are available between $1,500 and $25,000.

The company doesn’t give an APR range but says consumers could qualify for a loan as low as 9.99% APR. One of the benefits of applying for a loan through OneMain Financial is the fast approval process. You could receive the funds within the same day of applying.


If you need fast access to a cash loan to cover a financial emergency, a short-term cash advance loan is a suitable fit for most people. And you can receive quick access to cash even if you don’t have good credit.

You should always make sure you understand the terms before agreeing to take out a personal loan. And make sure you do your homework and compare multiple lenders, so you know you’re getting the most favorable terms possible.